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Why choose us?

Perfection Home Inspection has been in business for over 21years. We have performed over 12,000 professional home inspections throughout the Chicago area. Perfection Home Inspection is licensed, bonded, insured and certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Whether you are purchasing a condominium, townhouse, single family home, or small commercial property, contact us for a thorough and comprehensive inspection.


Smart home buyers make sure they protect heir biggest investment with an objective, unbiased home inspection. Let us assist with your due diligence process.

There is virtually no consumer protection for a home buyer. An inspection by an unbiased ASHI certified inspector, who has no financial interest in the transaction can save a home buyer hundreds, even thousands of dollars.


Choose your inspection company wisely, not all companies are the same.

Ensure that you are choosing the most qualified company that offers:

       A certified ASHI Inspector, with years of experience    

        An inspector who will inspect the roof

        An on site computer generated report the same day

        Video of potential problem areas

        Professional radon testing

        E&O Insuracne, which is not required by the state of Illinois


Perfection Home Inspection meets each of these important qualifications.

Call Perfection Home Inspection before you buy!

Our quality service and thorough inspection will save you money and provide you with peace of mind.

experienced certified ASHI Inspector
Video Spection = videos of all issues
Radon Testing
E & O Insurance
On- Site computer generated reports
Certified ASHI Inspector
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