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Certified ASHI Inspections:

Perfection Home Inspection provides certified ASHI inspections, by visually inspecting the entire house. We provide an on site digital .pdf inspection report and will review the findings with you until you completely understand them.


The report will cover all of the home’s systems including: Roof, Attic, Structure, Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Interior & Exterior Walls, Garages, and Appliances.

The emphasis will be on the function of these systems and the overall safety of the house.

Perfection Home Inspection Inc. is the only Home Inspection Company to offer:


VideoSpection TM:

VideoSpection offers buyers and their attorney’s a video summary of significant deficiencies found during the home inspection process. These 1-2 minute videos offer a quick detailed summary for review and negotiations.


Digital images work well, but are limited and often confusing as to exact locations of deficiencies. Eliminate the guess work and numerous digital images. Click here to see one of our VideoSpections TM.


With VideoSpection TM, exact locations and detailed  video assist with the due diligence process. Call Perfection Home Inspection at 630-669-0775, for more details.


Radon Testing:

Perfection Home Inspection also offers radon testing. We utilize state of the art Continuous Radon Monitors. Our devices provide instant results after the test with an hourly print out and overall average.

We personally test for Radon, we do not sub contract the testing out, this eliminates a 3rd party and keeps costs down.


Your biggest investment deserves the finest and most accurate summary offered exclusively by Perfection Home Inspection!

Interior & Exterior Real Estate Drone Phograophy

VideoSpection- only offered by Perfection Home Inspection
Real Estate Photo & Video service provided
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